Rapid Garage Door Sensor Repair Calabasas

garage door sensor repair calabasas, caDon’t be fooled into thinking that your garage door sensor repair calabasas is simply two boxes pointing an optic beam at each other. You might think that a garage door sensor repair simply involves jiggling the sensor boxes until they work again. This is a complex system that not only requires precise calibration; it also prevents serious disaster from occurring so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How Sensors Work

In recent times, the federal government wisely mandated that all modern garage doors be fitted with an emergency safeguard to prevent accidental closures. This is, in most cases, a sensor that detects objects in the path of the doorway. The two sensors are set low to the ground and shoot an optical beam between them. If anything is in its path and breaks that beam, it will trigger the motor system and bar the door from closing. It stops any major catastrophe from occurring to you, your loved ones or your belongings.

How to Find a Professional to Repair Your Delicate Sensor

You can’t simply find a day laborer to repair your garage door sensors: One, because they are a highly calibrated system and two, because you wouldn’t want to trust your safety with just anyone. You need to contact someone you can trust, and who has the experience in repairing garage door sensors. Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair has been serving the community and is committed to providing you with the highest standard of repair. We are the team you can trust. Contact us today to arrange your garage door sensor repairs. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Our same day service means that we will have a written quote to you within one hour of your call. Contact us right now to restore your garage and your peace of mind.