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Why Choose Us for your Garage Door Repair Calabasas?

There are many reasons why a person may want to choose Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair for all their garage door and gate repair, installation, and replacement needs. We are local to Calabasas, locally owned & operated, we support Calabasas High School. We carry with us more knowledge than our competitors do because we have over 22 years’ experience. Our customers can feel secure, as they are always protected, we are Licensed – Bonded – Insured. We provide our customers with the best emergency 24/7 services at no extra charge for weekend or night calls for all our garage door repairs calabasas. Why choose anyone else when we have, service guarantee, unbeatable prices, and full warranty on parts and labor?

Our Mission- To Treat You Like Family

We here at Advanced Garage Doors Repair Calabasas provide each customer with our full dedication, and ensure he or she receives the best service, which is fast and friendly, every time. We pride ourselves on the high level of quality products, parts, labor & work that is provided to our calabasas customers that they deserve. We strive to give all our customers service on all their garage doors and gate needs that surpasses the rest. We are local to Calabasas, ca.

About Us- Top Rated Company for over 25 Years

We have been in the garage doors repair calabasas and gate repair industry for more than 22 years and are known in our community as top-rated best professionals. There is staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist any customer that is in need. All our technicians have proper training, insurance, and licenses. We make sure every customer is happy with our work by providing them with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We are local to Calabasas, ca.

Need a Fast Garage Door Repair Calabasas? Call for an Appointment Today

garage door repair calabasas ca

Whether the cables on your garage doors have snapped or your teenager rammed into the garage again,  You are a candidate for garage door repair calabasas.  Here at Advanced Garage Door Repair Calabasas, Ca, we offer you prompt professional service any time you need it- 24 hours a day.

A garage door that has come off track is unsightly and also very unstable and dangerous. Never try to manually move the door or use the automatic garage door opener which can lead to further damage.

With Advanced Garage Door Repair of Calabasas, Ca, you can feel confident that you are getting the very best garage door repair services for your home and family. We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer full warranties on all our work.

We also offer every other type of garage door repair including opener repair, broken spring repair, panel replacement, garage door locks and sensor repair.

For 24 hour repair services, give us a call today at (818) 877-4013 and we’ll come straight out!

Pesky blinking light? Get Sensor Repair from Your Top-Notch 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Calabasas, Ca Service Company

garage door sensor repair calabasas, ca

Have you been experiencing difficulty when trying to close your garage door, and believe maybe you need garage door sensor repair? This is most likely the case; it might be broken or misaligned garage door safety sensors. We here at Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair are a garage door repair calabasas company which services all makes and models of sensors. Most people store item in their garage besides their car, making it more of a priority to get your garage door repaired. Be sure to contact us as soon as possible to ensure you car and belongings remain safe and secure in your garage. We provide fast service, and arrive at your door within sixty minutes of your call.

Need a Garage Door Track Repair Calabasas? Get An Honest Professional Service from us!

garage door track repair calabasas, ca

Is there an awful noise coming from your garage door each time you attempt to open or close it? It sound like you need garage door track repair calabasas. The cause of this noise is most likely your garage door out of track. To resolve this issue, our technician needs to put door back on track. However, this may not be the issue and after a thorough inspection by one of our technicians, we will then know for sure. Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair has workmanship that surpasses our competitors and prices that are unbeatable. Give us a call today to receive prompt, friendly service from a company rated number one in the community.

Door Won’t Close? Expert Garage Door Opener Repair Calabasas and Installation Assistance

garage door opener repair calabasas, ca

Have you been opening your garage door manually due to your garage door opener not working, as it should be? Contact us for garage door opener repair calabasas and replacement. There are times when these issues call for a garage door opener replacement. However, our technician will make every attempt to repair garage openers prior to replacing. Our company provides customers with service that is state-of-the-art, at prices that will not break the bank. We are locally owned and operated, and care about our community, making sure our customers are happy with every service of their garage door repair calabasas provided. If you have a problem day or night with your garage door opener, do not hesitate to contact Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair for assistance!

Get the Best New Garage Doors Calabasas For our Residential Customers, improving your home’s curb appeal!

new garage doors calabasas, ca

Are you in need of beautifying your home with a new garage doors calabasas? Perhaps a new custom wood, glass, aluminum garage doors for your business or residence and not sure where to turn? Our company knows what brands of garage doors are high quality and trust able at a price you can afford. Some of these brands include, but are not limited to, Amarr Garage Doors, Linear, Overhead Door, and Home Depot. We have knowledge in repairing and installing residential and commercial garage doors with a quality of work, which is unrivaled. Our customers feel secure with their investment due to our guarantee on all parts and labor, and unbeatable prices. Technicians at Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair arrive at your door quickly with a smile on their face, ready to work!

We Carry your Color & Model! Prompt, Expert Garage Door Panel Repair Calabasas 

garage door panel repair calabasas, ca

Has your garage door panel experienced an ugly accident and now you need dented garage door panel repair calabasas or replacement? Maybe one panel of your garage door is damaged or the entire door, either way, Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair have knowledge on both garage door panel installation and how to fix garage door panels. We sell and service all brands of garage door panels calabasas, providing our customers with a 10 year manufacturer warranty on all parts and labor. There is no need in looking at that garage door for long, we arrive quickly, our trucks are stocked fully so there is no need to leave and come back. Our technicians are friendly and helpful. When our technicians leave there will be no mess to clean up, they take care of everything leaving nothing behind.

We Carry all the Spring Sizes On Our Trucks! Complete Garage Door Spring Repair Calabasas Services- we’re prepared to help you now!

broken garage door spring repair calabasas, ca

Were you opening your garage door and it made a noise and a loud bang? You may be experiencing an issue with your torsion springs. You will need the assistance of a professional garage door company for broken torsion and extension spring repair. However, keep in mind they may be beyond repair and require torsion spring replacement to resolve this issue. Never attempt to fix torsion springs on your own; they are potentially dangerous due to the amount of pressure put on the springs. We here at Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair have more than 26 years’ experience with repairing and replacing extension and torsion springs. Call us immediately, we provide same day service!

A Garage Door Keypads Calabasas and Locks Replacement Company that gives you enhanced accessibility & security! Sales-Service-Repair

garage door keypads calabasas, ca

Are your child or worker locked out of your residential or commercial garage due to your garage door keypads calabasas? Or are the locks not working correctly? If so, contact Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair as soon as possible to get to your belongings. Most people use locks or electronic keypads on their garage doors for the added security and to gain keyless access to the house. If not working properly, this added security is gone and they may feel vulnerable. Our company understands how important this security is to our customers, providing fast, reliable garage door repair calabasas service you deserve. We sell repair access devices, garage door lock handles, and door safety latches as well. No need to shop around at different companies to find one that services your brand, we repair and replace all makes and models at unbeatable prices, guaranteed.

Not Every Company can do All Gate Repairs- We Can!  We’re a Reliable, Dependable Gate Repair Calabasas Service Company

gate repair calabasas, ca

Is your gate currently inoperable? Has you automatic gate been causing you difficulty? To open or close it, do you need to do it manually? If so, you need a professional to come assist you with gate repair calabasas.  Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair will inspect your entire gate to find what the issue is, and discuss your options with you. We know that electronic gates offer security, in addition to, convenience. For this reason, we do not make you wait for several hours or days; we are at your door within sixty minutes ready to work hard to resolve the issue. We are available 24 hours a days, seven days a week to assist our customers with all their garage door and gate repair and installation needs. Our customers are number one priority, always!

Garage Door Cables, Drums, Rollers, Hinges, Locks, & Chains

We provide several different brands of replacement parts needed for repair on garage doors and gates, including garage door cables, drums, rollers, hinges, locks, & chains etc. Whether you need parts for an older model or newer model, we have the parts. We will happily come to assist you with all your replacement parts needs!

Exquisite Garage Door Service Calabasas and Maintenance

Our company provides our customers with fantastic and consistently best garage door service calabasas and maintenance and repairs that are remarkable. You do not have to wait for hours or days for quality service, we arrive at your door within sixty minutes. We stand by all our work by providing our customers with guaranteed repairs and installations.

Garage Door Installation Calabasas Needed? We’re on it!

Are you building a new home, or maybe your garage door or gate is sadly outdated and you are looking to have a new garage door installed? There are some important factors to consider when choosing a company to do your garage door installation calabasas. One of these factors is durability; will yours last for many years? You also want to be sure the company you choose has prices that are affordable. We provide these to our customers and so much more!

Top Garage Door Brands You’d want to consider- We carry them all

we repair all makes, models & brands of garage doors in calabasas, ca

Calabasas Advanced Garage Door Repair has over two decades in our gates and garage door industry, making us knowledgeable about what brands are top quality and trust able. We provide our customers only with these products, some of them include Genie, Craftsman, Anderson, Precision, Martin Garage Doors, among many others.

We do it All! The Garage Door Safety Check- included on all our service calls

Having a garage door that functions properly and safely is very important. That’s why our highly experienced technicians will carefully examine both old and new garage doors, panels, safety releases, springs, tracks, hardware and sensors to ensure that your garage door won’t pose a danger to your cars or family. Garage doors are extremely intricate, so it’s important that all your garage door repair calabasas services are carried out by the pros.

Off Track Garage Door Repair Calabasas Needed? What to Do

There are several reasons that garage doors may become off track.

One of the most common causes for the door coming off track is one or both of the garage door’s cables breaking. The cable can break after years of natural wear and tear. Usually a cable tends to break on one side of the garage door track at a time and typically during the process of opening the door.

Aside from the cable breaking, there are two other ways a garage door can become off track. Sometimes there is an obstructed path or the door is hit by a vehicle or other powerful force. Many of the new garage doors have electric eyes to make sure the path is clear but some older doors may not have such a feature.

A door without electric eyes allows the opportunity of a ladder, trash can, car, bicycle and so on to be left in the path of the door. Once the garage door makes contact with an object it can become off track from impact. So, let’s say someone attempts to back out while the garage door is still closed or drives into the front of the door. This impact will cause the door to come off track.

If your garage door comes off track, don’t try to move it or repair it yourself. In the interest of safety, seek professional garage door repair calabasas services where trained experts are used to handling these kinds of situations. Garage door cables and springs are under extreme pressure and accidents related to garage doors can cause very serious injuries or even death if not correctly dealt with.  So what to do? call the pros at garage door repair calabasas to get you back in the game of life and not stranded at home.